Friday, February 25

God Protects His Own!

A miracle when the tsunami struck Aceh, Indonesia

We know that 80% of the town of Meulaboh in Aceh was destroyed by the tsunami waves and 80% of the people also died. This is one of the towns that was hit the hardest.

But there is a fantastic testimony from Meulaboh. In that town are about 400 Christians.

They wanted to celebrate Christmas on December 25th but were not allowed to do so by the Muslims of Meulaboh. They were told that if they wanted to celebrate Christmas, they needed to go out of the city of Meulaboh to a high hill to celebrate Christmas there.

Because the Christians desired to celebrate Christmas the 400 believers left the city on December 25th. After they celebrated Christmas, they stayed overnight on the hill.

As we all know, there was an earthquake followed by tsunami waves the next morning of December 26th, destroying most of the city of Meulaboh and resulting in thousands killed. The 400 believers were on the mountain and were all saved from destruction.

Now, the Muslims of Meulaboh are saying that the God of the Christians punished them for forbidding the Christians from celebrating Christmas in the city. Others are questioning why so many Muslims perished while not even one of the Christians were affected.

Had the Christians insisted on their rights to celebrate Christmas in the city, they would have all died. But because they humbled themselves and followed the advice of the Muslims, they all were spared from destruction and can now testify of God's marvellous protection.

This is a testimony of the grace of God and the fact that as believers we have no rights in the world. Our right is to come before God and commit our lives to Him. Our right is kneeling down before the Lord Almighty and committing our ways to Him. He is our Father and is very capable of caring for His children.

Praise the Name of the Lord.

Bill Hekman
Pastor, Calvary Life Fellowship (Indonesia)


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