Wednesday, April 6

Dormant days.

*Yawn!* Tired and lazy to blog these few days. There isn't really a hubbub of activity going on anyway, well at least not directly affecting me. Early this month saw Pope John Paul II's demise and more recently Monaco's Prince Rainier's death. And - my maternal grandma got admitted into hospital again after a bout of lethargy and breathlessness (common as she has advanced-stage kidney and lung failure). I have never directly experienced the passing of a close one yet in my seventeen years of life - so hopefully God grants me a few more years to get ready for any.

Sleepy and lazy - sometimes I wake up at around noon (nothing important to do anyway). Played several online games like The Reincarnation, Tycoon Online and GunBound to pass time but found they were just temporary sources of enjoyment. And don't bother trying to ask me to get a part-time job - because I start school at Singapore Polytechnic in late May, so there's too short a period of time left available for me to work (somewhere less than two months).

Sleep late; wake up late. The common day-to-day routine of a lazy pig like me. Wonder how I'm going to wake up in time for school all the way in the West (Dover) when I'm at the Far East in Tampines. If school starts at 9am, I'll probably have to wake up before 7am. Something I was used to in secondary school; not now when my motivational wake-up engine's purring like a pathetic kitten. Guess I'll have to train and force myself to wake up early - soon.

Dozes off at keyboard... haha just kidding.


Anonymous Cheng EH said...

Hi, Edwin. your blog is cool. very creative. Oop, your name can be nude hot but.......better not you. heee heee. see you, from CEH

11:00 pm, May 11, 2005  

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