Tuesday, April 12

Fun with Social Studies

For those "stressed-out" by the coming mid-year examinations, here's a fun, twisted and lame extract from a Social Studies Source-Based Question.
The question is taken from the Upper Secondary Social Studies Activity Book 4B, page 34.
The lame authors are classmates Shaun Lee & Edwin Toh (me) from SHSS 4A 2004. They created this lame answer out of boredom during a Social Studies lesson.

Issue: The Claims over Kashmir

1(a) Study Source A. Why do you think the cartoonist portrays the Kashmir issue the way he does? Explain your answer. [6 marks]

Source A shows that Kashmir is being sought after by India and Pakistan. As seen in the cartoon, Pakistan is portrayed as a wooden stake chaining Kashmir onto itself, rendering Kashmir unable to escape. India is portrayed as a mighty eagle with sharp talons attempting to prey on Kashmir, a defenseless bird. (Makes sense. A good answer.)

(Continued... Don't learn from the following answer.) Source A shows that India has an overpowering military power and Pakistan being a tiny state with only a single nuclear missile ready to fire at India. As when the missile is fired, the chicken would be pulled along the air at speeds exceeding the sound barriers. (?!?!) This shows that the chicken would be killed in a nuclear confrontation. Hence, the lesson learnt is never to chain your chicken to a nuclear missile, lest you want it to become KFC (Kashmir Fired Chicken). (No offense to the real KFC.)

The source wants to warn the already obese people of the USA (no offense again) that Kashmir-imported chickens are hazardous as they contain traces of Uranium-235 from the nuclear missile that Pakistan fired. Uranium-235 is widely known to reduce sperm count and sex appeal.

Yeah, that was lame right. And a waste of time too. Don't learn from the authors. Don't try this at school.


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