Wednesday, June 15


With the worst days starting from 7am (time I leave home) to 6pm or later (time I arrive home), I've yet to adapt to the long hours of polytechnic life though I can cope with other aspects such as finding my way around school. Guess it's the one-and-a-half hour journey (walk->bus->MRT->walk and vice versa) that's draining me out. Like today when I came back myself (I come back with at least one person most of the time) - it was so hard to restrain myself from falling asleep. I managed to get a seat, so the environment was comfy for a good rest. I didn't want to end up at Boon Lay or something (missing my stop at Tampines) anyway, so tried as best as I could to stay awake.

Yup, another thing - lunchtime's ALWAYS so crowded! ONE hour for lunch is often a mad rush to secure seats and add on to the already-snaking queues. Especially for the new freshman intake - the DRAGON YEAR BATCH of 1988! Which results in a greater number of people fighting for that single seat. 6 food courts and still not enough. Oh well - not too long ago we christened ourselves as DDB (Diploma in Da Bao || Da Bao = Takeaway) students. There were 16 of us who takeaway-ed our lunches, giving us 16 red plastic bags swinging to and fro as we walked to a staircase to have lunch together. Not before lining up in two neat lines side by side (no one in the middle) and taking a photo to capture the moment. It was super lame - but we had fun later singing songs accompanied on the guitar - great in expelling excess gas. Haha. We will definitely consider Da Bao-ing our food in future.

If you haven't noticed yet, I haven't been blogging so often now - can't afford the time to. So I'll just be doing fortnightly/monthly round-ups of my adventures in life. Catch you all next time.


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