Sunday, June 26

Halfway into Term 1.

Tomorrow, the second semester of school begins for those in junior colleges, primary schools, and secondary schools. But for us polytechnic students, it's already been halfway into Term 1. It has been a harsh time for especially the freshmen Year One students in adapting to the hectic pace of tertiary life. Tomorrow, Week 5 of Term 1 begins. We're halfway through Term 1 already - so quickly.

This past week - projects and assignments took their highest toll on me (yet). Especially that storyboarding, outline/profile and PowerPoint I had to do for Digital Video Production Techniques (which I did from Friday to Sunday).

Just yesterday we spent an entire day out at Bukit Panjang sourcing for available soundscapes for us to record as part of our Recording & Mixing Techniques assignment. A whole day of recording just for 2 minutes of final production. And that's only for one person, there's still three of us left to record (on other days). It's so frustrating when you just want the SOUND of an environment recorded, not the VIDEO or anything else. Just the SOUND. We went to the arcade and library and both firmly rejected our request. So much for corporate organisations. At least the bowling alley was kind enough to allow us several recordings.

Today I went to Wild Wild Wet (a water theme park) at Downtown East as part of my dad's union's annual family gathering. Had not much of a mood for enjoying the lazy river or wave pool there though. Just took the day as more of a short escapade away from the whizz of doing projects.

Very sleepy now - off I go to bed. Caution: My blog may/will not be updated often in the next 3-5 years (at least) at the rate that my assignments are going.


Anonymous Jazz said...

Sigh, surprised to see this side of you. But, i totally agree abt your angry post. Calm down and cheer up k? Things will work out right. And sometimes you need to understand that we guys are totally worked out after days of rehearsals. Inevitabe for some of them to think of some entertainment like food. Yep, take it easy, i am sure everyone of us has our own limits. =)

Gambate ~

11:51 pm, July 17, 2005  

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