Sunday, November 27

SNAFU - Situation Normal All FUCKED UP!

I'm pushed to the point of using, unreservedly, the first vulgarity in my blog. I find no point in hiding from people that our diploma course is all so perfect and exclusive and whatnot... relationships in class are getting worser by the day (has it even been good right from Day One?). Perhaps us musicians are full of problems and we'll never ever get along with one another well.

INTER-DIPLOMA Level. You guys already know of our stinking bad reputation - the other diplomas hate us to the core (I've spoken with some of them). It's not because they're just jealous of us, don't keep thinking they're always at fault (and I'm not siding them OK). We have our fair share of responsibility too, whether it be hogging the studios or damaging the equipment. Please don't act so proud and gung-ho as if you're the MASTER of the studios or what cos' we're sharing it with them (no choice, live with it). And please don't keep talking bad about other diplomas OK, for a start, without DMMT, you wouldn't be here in the first place!

INTER-LECTURER Level. I guess our lecturers are freaking pissed at our CBB (Can't Be Bothered) attitude towards lessons in class. For freaking hell and heaven's sake, pay ATTENTION to what he/she is saying! Whole life break break break, even secondary school classes (and I even bet some ITE classes - SHAME on us!) are more focused than us! Are your attention spans so short (like what M Spicer said of 20 minutes) that for whatever lessons longer than that (which is EVERY LESSON), your brain turns OFF? For one thing, the class should be kept smaller (no more than 20) – don’t combine so many students in one class – it’s not conducive for learning. The lecturer goes on speaking while the class does not pay attention (the class is so big that 2 lecturers cannot handle). But that's not the main problem.

OUR PROBLEM. I don't know what's wrong with you guys. Can never be serious is it? Lecturers like M Spicer and Christopher Tan already so kind towards us and you can't even show due respect to them. As if talking in class is not inconducive enough, you people still surf the Net and play your computer games like nobody's business! For all who are reading this, I feel SUPER PROUD to announce of DMAT's superb level of ILL-DISCIPLINE. Almost the whole class is desperately hooked onto one (or two or ALL) of these THREE WOES (which I term) that are common activities in class – anime (waste of time), computer games (USELESS waste of time) and/or BGR problems (DUMB USELESS waste of time!). Few of you can admit that you don't get your hands into even ONE of the Three Woes. I proudly say I DON'T.

COMPUTER GAMES, for one thing, has got so many bloody "blind" people hooked, going crazy about levelling up and completing quests. You sacrifice so much of your precious life playing stupid games like MAPLESTORY that will only give you a temporal sense of satisfaction. What's the DAMN BLOODY FREAKING point?!?!?! Then when it comes to WORK, one by one all laze and slack your way through, worse yet, becoming a FREELOADER who leeches on the hardworking members of the group. Like the Publicity Committee Meeting I just had with you all - how many of you were actually listening to me? Took so damn long to start the meeting properly - please I don't want to scream at you like a crazy idiot because you guys should be MATURE enough to know what is expected of you. The work I asked you all to hand up to me, I will SURELY have to chase you all again and again (and again). You all bloody freaking idiots making me waste my time on you all.

BGR problems. You guys can never grow up, can you? All wearing masks in front of each other, living each day trying to hide your true self. Fighting over childish matters, neither party wanting to give up, when you should be thinking of how to resolve them. For the GUYS: please, there are so many girls out there, if you're desperate for one go grab one out there, don't make so many love quadrangles in class! For the GIRLS: you ladies, please express your feelings towards ANY guy clearly, don't make them misunderstand your intentions toward them.

GROUP WORK. It's only Year 1 Semester 2 Term 3 and some of you all are finding it so hard to work with each other. I find that there are 3 root causes. 1)Misunderstanding/miscommunication, 2)Lack of respect for each other, 3)PURE freeloading/slacking. For me, it's the third one that's the most fucking irritating. I may not show it, but I HATE/ABHOR it when some of you start leeching and freeloading on me. I'm not your servant even if I'm the leader, so just because I complete everything for you doesn't mean that you can take advantage of me. You sick leech. As for my DVPT group, it's WEEK 5 already. Wake up your bloody ideas. You don't want your grades but I do OK! Don't fucking pull me down the drain along with your bloody idea.

I HATE group work. I don't find that I can trust ANYONE totally in class anymore. I just don't know how all these problems in our course will work out (if at all). I doubt so. In fact, I should be bothering about my studies anyway, so to HECK with you guys. Get it in your head that I came here to study for a diploma, and not for friends or relationships or anything else. DMAT sucks (well, at least some of you guys do)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're such a dumbass

12:56 am, January 20, 2006  
Blogger niwdehot said...

say whatever you like... stupid ass...

12:48 pm, January 20, 2006  

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