Friday, July 29

Urban Escape

Hours ago I just returned from that wonderful retreat Aloha Loyang. Couldn't help thinking that sometimes when there's so much stress around me - it would be pure relaxation (but wishful thinking) to enjoy the serenity of the weather and scenery on a bench near the beach.

Fine - so I did get really MAD last week but it was because I was feeling super stressed out - don't mind my vent of anger on my blog. Anyway, I'm better now with the end of the SP Graduation 2005 performance. The DMAT Chalet/BBQ (27-29 July 2005)contributed positively as well - we had "high" fits of laughter through games like Twister & Game Of Life. My friends had not seen me so happy/"high" before - all that laughter definitely removed the stresses and worries in my mind for the time being. Sure, it was ordinary, but I saw it as a break for us who have sacrificed much of our leisure time towards assignments and performance rehearsals. I mean, even machines gotta' rest at one point, what more us humans. So yup, it was thanks to the chalet in granting us a temporary hiatus from school work.

All good things will come to an end - and so did the chalet. I only had a few hours of sleep throughout the two nights - so obviously I am already about to fall asleep on my keyboard as I'm typing this out. I'll cut it short then.

Next week's Term 2 Week 10. The pressure will pile on... press on Mutts!


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