Saturday, September 3

More performances. And slackers.

Can we NOT have any more performances between the 31 August performance and the DMAT concert? It is really tiring - we need the time allocated for Performance to practise intensively for concert and also brush up on our general playing. One performance after another, after another; when's it going to stop? Will we still be caught up with all these performances when the workload of other modules increase (which definitely will take place next semester)? Can't the school just hire external bands to perform... it doesn't always have to be us... just because we're part of SP and since it's an SP event - we ought to be showcased... a lot of us are getting really tired. There are more problems in the course than the lecturers think. Desperate underlying ones. If our workload (especially for Performance) continues to increase I fear for the worst - many people not being to cope with their studies and subsequently FAILING modules... now, NO lecturer would want that - would you?

That was my mood last Friday actually. Was really sick of all these performances. Now I'm only slightly more positive towards it. The DMAT concert might be pushed back to March 2006 and it turns out that there're gonna be several more performances in the meantime. And the workload's gonna' increase next semester. We have to squeeze in whatever spare time we have left for rehearsals.

The coming Weeks 15 & 16 are the climaxing weeks where we have several tests and assignment deadlines. Pressure's on. I don't know why... I've been having some mood swings lately because I just want things (in this case, group assignments, done). I hate it when my group members drag their delegation of work till the last minute - or worse don't do it at all, or don't show a good attitude towards it. If they don't know it's OK; just ask me and I'll clarify things. But if they simply are not interested in doing it - and doing - or should I say PLAYING some other stuff instead - then I can't help it but get real MAD. Especially when it's supposed to be GROUP WORK and EVERYONE'S SUPPOSED TO CONTRIBUTE. It's like MY marks are at stake here; if you don't care about yours then don't drag mine down as well. Which makes me think again to choose my members wisely for future group assignments. I already have a rough idea from working with certain people over whether they are the "kind" that I'm looking for - those that are serious when it's time to be serious.


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