Friday, December 3

November 2010 update

Somehow I just realized I could Twitter if I'm lazy to write long blog posts... Twitter's like a mini-blog! =.="

6 Nov. Went for a nice local (KL) duck rice brunch with college mates, then checked out the PC Expo @ Mid-Valley MegaMall... offers galore, but there wasn't anything specifically for Mac, so I didn't get anything in the end.. thereafter followed Gang & Javen to T.T.D.I. where they cut hair.. and "zhi char" dinner at Kepong ended the day :)

7 Nov. Cut my own hair for just RM9.90 at E3 Salon @ Genting Klang.. just down the road from my place.. it was cheap and not too bad at all!

Mid-Nov. (well, almost the whole month) Time was largely spent on getting the many assignments done, as well as practising for our practical performance exams and studying for tests. Many thanks to Gang and his family of which I inconvenienced by staying over/studying for those many nights at Gang's... thanks bro!

20 Nov. My ex-Army colleagues from Singapore came up to KL for the weekend... Had a great Saturday with them at Pavilion KL, Bukit Bintang, and Bangsar! Ate so much... Hakka cuisine, beard papa puffs, cheese tarts, mango smoothie, sticky sweets, satay/naan/tandoori chicken, Baskin' Robbins... =) thanks Chiu & Jas and see y'all back in Singapore soon!

21 Nov. Wee hours of the morning, 2-5am. T'was at McDonald's mugging for the impending Malaysian Studies exam with my college mates...

25 Nov. Headed to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KL with Javen, Gang, and Lim, to watch Lim's piano teacher's lounge gig set for the night (with bassist and saxophonist). Later, we gained deep insights on the workings of the music industry as his teacher shared his experiences and opinions. Cool stuff - it's not a easy road ahead for us musicians, but as long as the flame of our passion's still burning bright, anything's possible! =)

27 Nov. Caught the virtuoso Brazilian guitarist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Celso Machado, at a guitar masterclass at KL's Performing Arts Centre (KL PAC). Really love the ambience and old world charm of the place. The masterclass was great too; especially the insights into the workings of the bossa nova and baiao rhythms... thanks for the invite Joanna! ;)

29 Nov. The final day of my exams and the final Monday of the semester before the holidays. It was practical exams (Private Instruction module) the whole day; I played Debussy's "Reverie", Mandy Moore's "Only Hope" accompanied by the wonderful vocalist Natasha, and the jazz standard "I Should Care" for my classical, pop and jazz pieces respectively. Also helped a couple of other vocalists as accompanist for their pieces and sight reading.

To my college friends: it's been a wonderful first semester knowing you guys, happy holidays everyone and see y'all in January!

To my Singaporean friends: well, it's December already, and I will be heading back to Singapore for a while this holidays... so catch up with you all soon! ;)


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