Friday, December 23

Assignment Frenzy

Just changed my blog layout (a little). I've just finished all my E-Learning Week assignments... crazy pile of work that had to be done. But I'm not relaxed yet... neither should anyone in class be. Look - we got a concert in less than 2 months' time so you guys better be serious in rehearsing. Doing everything at the eleventh hour (last-minute) will just kill you. Don't be a foolish mugger. Then there's the publicity for the concert. I've rushed you all for a million times for the designs - thank you Yuan Jie, Louis and Wee Kiat for the posters but how about the rest? Especially the ticket designs. We need to let the school print so it's damn urgent - by early January we have to send all the materials off for printing already. Yeah, happy holidays my foot. Term 4 (which is gonna be the most rushed term YET) starts Jan 2 2006 and all the tests and major project work which will determine our final grades are coming up. I would predict in advance that this year would be my worst Christmas/New Year yet. Some people and some things are not helping. Read my previous post if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about. Disappointed to see that much of the class is still hooked on idiotic computer games like MapleStory and involved in relationship problems. It hinders group work so much that a disabled person might be able to contribute much more (or at least be COMMITTED). And I don't freaking care about part-time work outside during these 3 years... my stand is you wanna work, you might as well expel yourself and go work. You didn't realise that you came into a FULL-TIME diploma, eh? Time to resort your areas of commitment. I've got lots more to say but I guess I'm ending here because I don't want to spoil the NEW year.


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