Friday, December 30

Reflections & Aspirations

525,600 minutes... how do you measure a year?

2005 has been a momentous year for me... a new phase in education with the introduction of polytechnic life, and the passing of my paternal grandmother. Looking back in this final post of the year, I realised that I haven't changed much. Still the same guy who says "yes" to everything, gets himself involved in everything, and is too serious on everything. The one who is most likely to get taken advantage of by other people. Not that I don't mind. I just don't express it much unless you make me mad.

Looking forward to 2006, there's Year 2 of polytechnic coming up. I hope I have sufficient energy for my studies ahead. To DMAT peeps, I might appear to be "strict/harsh" on some of you, but it's only because I hate slacking (i.e. I want to get things done, ASAP, if possible). To all my other friends around me, thanks for supporting and encouraging me through 2005.To my family and relatives, thank you for the care and concern showered on me... all the best for the coming year. To my maternal grandma, may God sustain you with good health ahead. To the reader of my blog, happy 2006 ahead!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 to all!


Blogger ~Mav'RiCk~ said...

Ay. Chill man. Really. Don't drive yourself mad about some things that you can't control, alright? If you gotta drive a group to go, let it be your own group. The rest of the class chooses to slack, then don't fault them. They're not in your control, and getting mad won't help.

Take care, eh? =) And happy new year.

1:18 am, January 01, 2006  

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