Saturday, December 23

Back in action

Sorry to all of you out there who've been viewing my blog so often in the hope of an update. It's finally here, one month later.

Well, it's finally the term holidays after a gruelling 12 weeks of Term 3. Two weeks more of holidays, then 3 weeks of Term 4, then 9 weeks of internship with a music-related company. Hmm... so fast gonna be Year 3 le... well I finally got my handphone in November 2006 (yes, I survived without a HP for more than one and a half years in polytechnic).

Ahhh... I'm really shagged... so many things happening and so many things on my to-do list. Finished my final "gig" of the year not too long ago... scroll all the way down below and you'll see all the events I've performed for (I'll update as more come). Then there's this external competition called the Artist & Repertoire Challenge 2006 - the team has to market and groom an artiste (for the music industry). Good exposure for me, since I'm gonna be in the music industry later anyway. Then there's my ABRSM Grade 6 Theory Exam next March - rushing my preparation! And I got to brush up my electone organ skills if I wanna take my Yamaha Electone Grade 5 (highest grade) next year as well. Then still got polytechnic assignments to complete during these holidays... and end-of-academic-year tests when school reopens!

I think I'll faint from stress next year.


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