Tuesday, August 1

Sound Machine OVERDRIVE

Ahhh... haven't blogged for like a month and a half! Been too caught up with my external keyboard performance commitments and involvement in the SP musical. So it's like I'm sleeping at past midnite every day and waking up early because I stay oh-so-far away from school (walk, feeder bus, MRT train, walk). The makings of a zombie...

Phew... I'm like a part-time keyboardist now... hope my studies don't get affected (too much). It's the exam period now with 3 tests coming up and several assignments due.

Let's see what I had this past month or so... there was SP's Graduation 2006 Performance on 5 July. Went rather smoothly though it was rather sad that the audience was not really appreciative. But considering the fact that we were sideline entertainment while they were enjoying the buffet spread, it was OK. Then there was the recent Charity Fiesta 2006 @ South West CDC from 28-30 July. Rehearsal on the 28th, and the main performances on 29th and 30th July. (Sensually Transmitted Music ROCKS!)

It was a tiring weekend; I must have played up to 20 songs - several of them perilously impromptu (we ran out of songs to perform for our 2-hour slot so we just on-the-spot picked some songs)! And just yesterday was SP's Singa Mania 2006 Competition Finals, on which I accompanied 5 finalists (4 of which were from the SP musical) on the songs First/An Jing, When You Told Me You Loved Me, A Whole New World, Open Arms, and I Will Survive. Congrats to Faliq, Siti, and Marina for the top 3 prizes respectively! And many thanks to the peeps from SP Musical, MIT Club, my classmates and the rest of you keyboard "fans" who showed me so much support!

Ahhh... there's still an NTU Music Express Songwriting Competition Finals on 18 August that I'm rehearsing for (I'm accompanying the singer; and it's not my song - I'm just a performer). Thereafter, I fly to Hong Kong for a study tour from 28 August to 1 September. Then there's the SP Musical feature performance in the President's Star Charity Show on 3 September - and a weekday camp from 4 Sep to 22 Sep - intensive training for the musical. The BIG DAY(S) - 6 & 7 October @ the NUS Cultural Centre - Superstar: The Pop Musical!

(I'm spelling out my organiser...) Then there's my Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam on 28 October, another performance for the SPSU Honours United Bazaar (some campus event) around 13-17 November, and some National Education Fest (and maybe my diploma course concert) in December.

Next year, hopefully... my semi-professional vocal ensemble group (vocalists + me as keyboardist) will be on track to perform at wedding gigs and stuff - but we'll leave that story to another day...


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