Thursday, March 2


It gets tiring going out almost every day for class holiday events. And I'm spending so much money that my pocket money's almost depleted (there's still ang bao money though). There was the Pulau Ubin cycling trip where we went to Chek Jawa (one of the few mangrove swamps left in Singapore), the Bukit Timah Hill Hike (got soaked in the rain like a sponge), and most recently yesterday's East Coast Park outing where we cycled or roller-bladed. I conquered East Coast Park for the second time; I took 23 min 13 sec 73 ms to cycle (read "chiong") from Pit 80 to Pit 1 over at the other end of the park!

I've a steamboat dinner at Marina Bay tomorrow (gonna' blow at least 12 bucks tomorrow) and I wonder if I should go bowling (and bowl my bucks down the drain). Hmm... I'm definitely looking forward to next Tuesday's Paranormal Night Experience @ SP. Well, surely hope we don't see "anything" along the way or else everyone might just freak out.

So many other events are coming up too... I'm cruising from 15-17 March, have at least one BBQ coming up, along with two camps, among other activities. And I want to resume my music lessons soon! Argh... my former teacher's expecting so I gotta find a new one. Wanna take Grade 5 theory end of this year...

Another thing - I shall endeavour to sleep earlier every day because every day after requires more energy. I've gotten deeply stuck in the vicious cycle of sleep debt. Anyway, I require about 10 to 12 hours of sleep for optimal performance and alertness. Zzzzz...


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