Saturday, January 7

New Year, New Challenges

It's been quite a few days since the new year and I haven't posted till now because of my workload and my old trusty but exploded computer monitor (it fizzled out a few days ago). This new year - a whole lot more challenges await me. Challenges that might overcome me if I don't take control of it.

What are group projects for if the members don't even take the intiative to contribute and, more disgustingly, DON'T even contribute. It's Term 4 of Year 1 in polytechnic and most of the class still haven't woken up from their ideas of slacking around. I'll make it MY academic resolution this year to join only groups that are WORTH my contributing to. There's no point in pushing or delegating work to other people when it ends up that all the shitload comes back to me again - either the work's not up to standard (N.B. I have a rather high standard), it doesn't come on time, or WORST OF ALL doesn't even arrive at all. A very good example is my largely defunct Concert Publicity Committee: most of you do your work; I appreciate it. But consider putting a larget amount of effort in it. I didn't delegate work to you all for nothing - I might as well have did it myself instead of waiting for the sometimes LATE work. If so, what's the POINT of having a committee in the first place (we're all supposed to contribute to lighten each other's workload)!

Gotta' rush my assignments out so I'll blog another time...


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