Tuesday, February 21

Estactic 18 right on time for vacation!

Geez... I've got so many items to update here but I'll try to concise them. Well, I still miss my maternal grandma at times, especially when she's been staying with me for the past few years - every time I go into her room I just feel a sense of loneliness and sorrow. But I wanna thank all you people out there for supporting me through this hard time, even if it's only just an encouraging tag on my blog.

I'm finally 18, and as my header image for my blog during the month of February 2006 shows, I have so many entitlements. Not that I'm gonna' be a bad boy and smoke, drink or club around for the rest of my life. But you never know... I wanted but had no space to include that 18 is also the legal age for sex. LOL.

I'm 18 - and I'm done with Year 1 of my diploma. Time flies faster than a space rocket... I can still remember the days when I was still a dumb freshie discovering new things everyday in my new environment. Phew - at least now the assignments are over, while most other courses are having exams on now... *sniggers*

I'm 18 - and what better way to remember being 18 on 18th February (it comes only once in a lifetime) than to have a CONCERT! It was not held on my behalf (I'm not that lucky) but was a music concert put up by us Diploma in Music & Audio Technology (DMAT) students. We performed pieces from genres varying extremely from classical to pop to punk in this concert entitled, "CrossRoads - Where Genres Meet". We were graded on our performances as part of our module "Performance". The official estimated attendance was 235 people - not bad for a start. It was a success and I'm thankful to the course for putting up such a good show. I also have to thank Ian and Wei Jie, who niftily conceptualised a birthday surprise for me at the end of the concert in front of the audience. I was super-embarrassed and super-shocked at the same time, with the class singing the birthday song around me and being presented with a slice of yummy cheesecake bought by Yan Xi (thanks!). Being the Publicity Head of the Concert, I'm definitely pleased that everything on the publicity side of the concert ran smoothly. Looking forward to our future concerts and gigs...

I'm 18 - and right on time for vacation! As my diploma course uses an In-Course Assessment (ICA) system, we do not have major exams but continual assignments and minor tests occasionally. ICA involves our modules, which are largely year-long ones. Thus, I'm still waiting for my Year 1 results now. Now that we have 2 months of vacation till mid-April, I have already planned out my personal schedule and will be kept busy by class activities, CCA activities/camps, BBQs, a chalet and a cruise on Superstar Virgo, among others.

Looking ahead for my eighteenth year ahead...


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