Tuesday, January 10

Rainy days and Mondays...

...always make me down. But it's more of the Northeast Monsoon - it's been raining almost continually every day for the past week. I get quite sick of the wet weather.

Had CRS discussion today at Candice's place in preparation for the Discussion Cafe on Thursday. Argh - debates again. And the dumb General Elective Modules we have to take are just a waste of precious time. Which reminds me that they (the diploma course management team) are intending to modify the course structure for next year to become more techonology-based. I'm more to the artistic music side. Haiz... that's why brushing up on audio technology basics are first in my priority list now.

Our graded performance concert's about a month away and the lecturers don't seem to care in the planning and approval of the administration and publicity involved - they're too caught up with all the polytechnic publicity propaganda stuff (e.g. Courses & Careers Fair) to bother with us. Childish polytechnics; always competing with each other and each claiming that they're better than the other.

It's late already so I gotta' go sleep... always waking up late for school these few days... Term 4's so bloody tiring (but I expected it anyway).


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