Friday, January 20

Freaking pissed.

Couldn't wake up today... got to school almost 1 hour late... freaking pissed to find out my REMT project group wasn't in the studio. Don't everything depend on me to do, take more initiative - go approach Swee Beng open studio! What if I'm sick or I died, then how the project going to carry on? Please lah.

Then halfway through Musicianship class, I was wrecking my brain nuts over perfect cadences... stupid classical rule shit. Then Ian called and I had to rush all the concert publicity materials out in both hard and soft copies. In the middle of the lesson.

I'm freaking leader and admin liaison officer of every project group that I'm in... it's getting fucking annoying because if there's anything to be blamed - it's going to be on me, not the rest of the group - when I have so many bloody damn groups to manage. And the same stupid situation's happening to me again, like in secondary school... the leech that always gets taken advantage of!!

Who the hell bloody does most of the projects? Who manages all the admin stuff... you think so easy you go and do lah! It's already bloody late and there's NO TIME to do the assignments!

To all my group members: Better freaking - 1) DO YOUR WORK ASSIGNED TO YOU 2) QUALITY WORK, NOT CRAP 3) FOCUSED, not mapling or bloody other games and 4) HAND UP ON TIME or I'm really bloody going to complain to so-and-so lecturer that you've been slacking and don't deserve the marks... then that's your own bloody problem!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont get involved then. .OPK

3:36 pm, February 06, 2006  

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