Monday, March 20

Cruisin' about...

Back from my cruise... enjoyed the view of the endless seas and the strong winds that nearly blew me across (literally) the ship. The main thing I did there was eating a superb 6 meals a day at the many restaurants they had onboard. The food wasn't that great, but what can you expect onboard floating restaurants that struggle to keep tonnes of food fresh continually trip after trip? Didn't use many of the facilities there because I preferred to spend my time eating or taking in the view of the surrounding waters. A pity the trip was only 3D2N... so short...

Just yesterday I went for the MIT Club BBQ. Why am I the only DMAT representative - again? But the food was good for 2 bucks - satay, sambal stingray, and sotong - above the usual chicken wings, fried rice, crab sticks, sausages and potatoes.

Up next there's the Freshmen Enrolment (including two camps) and 3 concerts in store for me... life gets tiring. Half the holidays are gone - I shall try to get more sleep and rest.


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