Saturday, May 13

Musically high!

I got through the auditions! I've committed myself into yet another major performance event this year, besides the upcoming Graduation 2006 performance in July and the 2nd DMAT concert in December. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) presents: SuPerstar - The Pop Musical. Singapore Polytechnic is the first polytechnic in Singapore to hold a public-staged, large-scale musical. To be held at the NUS University Cultural Centre on 6 & 7 October 2006, all proceeds from ticket sales go to charity, in aid of the President's Challenge 2006. The VIP might be none other than President S R Nathan.

It's just so exciting to be part of the team of students shortlisted to perform in this musical, be it in singing, dancing, or acting. Professional vocal, dance, and drama training is provided to us free-of-charge by renowned local companies and personalities. A usual day of training begins in the early afternoon with group vocal sessions, followed by dance/drama training and finally an evening jog to keep us in tip-top condition for the physical demands of performing in the musical.

What's a musical without great music? I especially like the songs written for the musical by Mr Jimmy Ye, Artistic Director of the SP Musical, a singer-songwriter who has more than a hundred songs published under EMI Records, and who also happens to be my lecturer.

Looking forward to the months ahead in preparation for the musical...


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