Sunday, September 10

Intensive training for SP Musical

I'm back from Hong Kong! The life there is quite as hectic as Singapore, but the landscape is totally breathtaking (save the pollution). Where we have flat land and only Bukit Timah Hill, there are mountains and valleys as well as the famous Victoria Peak over there! I managed to get bargains at their Ladies' Street Market (kind of like our "pasar malam" or night market here in Singapore) - although a number of the products were obviously pirated. Hong Kong Disneyland was rather small but a classic place to be in, with all the characters I grew up with. I blew more than SG$100 there (kind of regrettably)! I'll definitely return to Hong Kong in future if I have the chance to.

Anyway, I won't be available for the whole month of September as there's musical camp every Monday to Friday every week to prepare us for the big show on 6 & 7 October... if you haven't got your tickets yet, get them from SISTIC ($18-$88) before they run out!


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