Tuesday, August 22

Bon Voyage

Just a brief update on what's been happening to me before I leave next week for a study tour to Hong Kong (28 August - 1 September) - fully (and generously) sponsored by SP School of Media & Info-Communications Technology as part of the scholarship I'm under.

My main performance this month was the Music Express 12 飞乐时空 National Song Writing Competition Finals on 18 August, held at Nanyang Auditorium. I played the keyboard for Kok Song, a university undergraduate who had written a Chinese love ballad entitled 滥好人. Our team also included a guitarist, a violinist, another singer, and two support "harmony" singers. Despite having only rehearsed together several times the week before, we clinched the Most Popular Song Award 最受欢迎歌曲 thanks to our large number of supporters that had come to support us. Congratulations Kok Song!

And I would have performed at two birthday parties of my musical friends this month - Jasper's on the 12th and Esther O's on the 27th. Happy birthday to both of you!

By the way, I had no exams (only several small tests) - my course is a In-Course Assessment-based (ICA-based) one. No holidays as usual - the only break's next week's trip (see it's a STUDY TOUR, not a HOLIDAY, though we go to Hong Kong Disneyland :D). After I return back to Singapore, it's one whole September month of intensive training camp for the upcoming SP Musical. It's going to be fun, but real tiring too as well (Monday "book in", Friday "book out"). Wake me up when September ends.

Well bon voyage (to myself :D) and see you in September after I return from Hong Kong!


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