Sunday, January 28

The Busiest Person in the world RANTS.

Just managed to sneak in some time to blog. Life's been interesting so far in 2007 - I highly anticipate that it will be the busiest year of my life - yet. Year 2 of polytechnic's gonna end for me - as of today, 1 more each of assignment, presentation and test to go. And there's 1 demo assignment due in Year 3. I just can't wait for my academic workload to lighten - in a few days!

There's no holidays after the exam weeks end. We Year 2 students have 9 weeks of (paid) internship. It's only $440 a month though, but the experience in the professional industry is priceless. My lecturer Erica e-mailed me recently: "You're taken by Yellowbox!" I was ecstatic that I had gotten through my interview with YellowBox Studios, one of the top music production/post-production houses in Singapore. They have gurus like Rennie Gomes (the friendly Managing Director who interviewed me), Shah Tahir (married to renowned vocal coach Babes Condes, he's Singapore's TOP live sound engineer and my coursemate's dad as well), Ricky Ho (his music for the "Girl By The River" ad for The Bank Of China won 66 awards internationally!), and homegrown Iskandar Ismail (OMG OMG my idol!). Haha... can't wait to work with them this mid-February to mid-April.

And once my academic workload gets off me (temporarily till Year 3) in a few days' time, it's full steam for the ongoing inter-school Artiste & Repertoire Challenge (ARC) 2007 competition, where we have to market and groom and artiste (as an A&R team). I'm currently in the midst of recording the demo track of Guy Sebastian's Taller, Stronger, Better for my artiste Riza. There's like 30+ hours of recording studio sessions to come and a whole host of instruments to record so I'm gonna' be vexed. Already I spent about a week arranging a full-scored SATB chorus part and different instrument sections for the song, and then recorded them onto MIDI in Cubase (then transferring as WAV into ProTools). OK I won't go into the technical jargon, but there's so much stuff to be done... haha. OH - and there's the major Music Video Filming/Editing coming up for the song once the demo is ready - to prepare: storyboard, plot outline, shoot locations/schedule, etc. And there's another whole section on Business (budgeting, marketing plan, artiste/team profile, financial projections, promotions, etc). Really hope we get through the preliminary rounds; we're representing Singapore Polytechnic by the way.

Oh and right smack in the middle of my 9-week internship is my ABRSM Grade 6 Theory Exam in March. AHH! "Grade 6 score 98 marks, Grade 7 score 99 marks, Grade 8 score 100 marks!" - as quoted by my friend Tze Lip. By the way, I got 97 marks (Distinction) for my recent Grade 5 Theory Exam. After Grade 6 it's a slight deviation from theory to finish my Yamaha Electone Organ grades - 2 more grades to go... but I think I'll just skip to Yamaha Electone Organ Grade 5 (Teacher's Grade). Then it's back to Grade 8 theory (YES I intend to conquer theory, provided I'm not dead beat yet) in March 2008. As my lecturer Dr Tan said to me last time, "one step at a time". Wise words.

Well I'm gonna stop ranting and go back to work now... busy busy busy...


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