Saturday, February 9

I'm back!

I'm back! After a 5-month hiatus from blogging, I thought I'd update you guys again on what's happening. Hmm... looking back on 2007... it's been a really wonderful year... one of the best years in my life so far. Even in 2008 now, I'm reminiscing all the good times I had back in 2007 - wonderful travels (twice to the USA for an attachment and a study tour) and all the wonderful people around me. Well, I guess it was the heyday of my youth (my last teenage year being 19 in 2007). I'm turning 20 soon - but I still look much younger right? :D

So it was getting back to school life after my study tour to the States (see my previous post). And it was one heck of a final semester, having to rush assignments and final year projects and whatnot. Everything seemed as if it was surging beyond my threshold limit of control - tight deadlines, high expectations, severe lack of sleep (my record was 36 hours - and there was a week I didn't sleep for 2 nights!). And I was counting down to the end of DMAT on my MSN Messenger's display name. As always, the day soon came - and the values of freedom, euphoria and justice dominated. :) Well, I was so weary from everything I yearned to hibernate.

And here I am now, an unofficial diploma graduate. The graduation ceremony's not till later in the year. Meanwhile, the government beckons us male graduates to serve the country for 2 years. 2 FREAKING YEARS. Imagine the amount of work/studies one could have completed within that period of time. Talk about women "catching up" with men on the career ladder. Hmm... my medical check-up's in a few days' time, and I guess I'll know when I enlist soon after. Meanwhile, I'm reading up about music (theory, performance, analysis, etc.) to brush up and consolidate what I've learnt in my 3-year diploma. And I might get some part-time work. Depending on when I enlist. It's freedom for the girls now (unless they're getting a degree overseas) while the guys are held back (ritenuto!) for 2 years.

The Lunar New Year of the Rat has arrived recently, and it seems to be rather downbeat this year, with the possible US recession looming, oil prices soaring, and the US sub-prime mortgage crisis (or whatever it is, I don't bother understanding). Red packet collection decreased amid fears of a worsening economy. Still, they're increasing the pay of the "top guns", using excuses such as "retaining talent" to justify their actions. All those $$$ could be better used to help the poor and unemployed - over and above the $150 million Workfare Package payment thing.

By the way, I've created a portfolio website to showcase my musical works... it's at Go check it out if you haven't - and if you would kindly leave a message on my guestbook, I'd really appreciate it. That's all I have for now. May 2008 be a wonderful year for everyone! :]

Addition on 11 February: Here's something I found online...

Imagine this: your son is 18. He goes to army and "kena" screwed by CCB (Hokkien vulgarity) regular for 2 years. A foreign 18-year-old gets a scholarship and enjoys free education. As your son completes NS, you work more to pay for his university fees, which keep rising. By the time your son completes his education, the foreigner will be 2 years ahead of him. Once or twice every year, you son goes for reservist. The foreigner sits in the office, "kio ka" (Hokkien - "relaxing legs"). When the war comes, the foreigner says "goodbye, I'm going home". Your son is sent to the war to die. Welcome to Singapore.

Really true right! Oh man. On goes the debate...


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