Monday, June 25


Shoutout from Boston:

Hey everyone! It's been 2 weeks since I arrived in Boston (also known as Beantown for its famous baked beans - and clam chowder!). Haven't managed to update till now because the workload of the project is rather tremendous. My project team has to create an audio game in the theme of a "DJ Simulator" (for both the visually-impaired and normal, sighted people). The game will be implemented in the Wii and PC platforms and we have 7 weeks left to create it. God bless the Queen (and us :P).

Well, it's summer now, the weather's gradually adjusting to fit that of Singapore's - besides the chilly winds. Local time is 12 hours behind Singapore time. And because of the tilting of the Earth, the sun rises at about 5.30AM and only sets at about 9.30PM.

The food here's nice (it comes in LARGE portions), though I occasionally miss the local LAKSA and CHAR KWAY TEOW. Not to mention CHICKEN RICE, FISHBALL NOODLES and DESSERTS!

I'll buy back some chewing gum... anyone who wants anything else back from Boston please TAG on my tagboard on the right column, and I'll try to get it back for you. Thanks all and see ya guys in mid-August when I return!

Edwin, signing off from Boston, Massachusetts


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