Saturday, February 17

Chinese New Year - cum - 19th Birthday

新年快乐! It's the Year of the Pig this 2007... and Day 1 of this Lunar New Year also happens to be my 19TH BIRTHDAY! Hmm... just had reunion dinner with my relatives at my place... feeling damn full now. Well, I'm not really in any mood for Chinese New Year or my 19th birthday now, cos' I'm mugging for my upcoming ABRSM Grade 6 Theory Exam in March... anyway also feel a bit lonely, don't know why - think it's because I haven't seen most of my classmates for a while (not used to it), with the 9-week internship that we're having. Only met up with Royston and Jiayi working at other companies nearby for lunch the other day; exchanged our working experiences over yong tau foo!

My birthday wishes this nineteeth year: 1)score well for my studies and exams, 2)take care of myself more, 3)learn to relax (ironically, 2007 will be my busiest year YET!), 4)learn to treasure every moment of my life, and all my loved ones around me.

That's it for now. 新年快乐! 祝你过个大肥年!


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