Monday, July 16

One month later...

It's been at least a month since I set foot on this glorious land and MAN, the life's great here indeed! If the talent, environment/landscape, weather and less stressful lifestyle here in Boston could be combined with the peace and technology of Singapore, you'd be living in a UTOPIA.

Well, I'll mention some of the memorable events this past month. I went on a bike tour of Boston and the surrounding area (25 miles at least in total) quite a while ago. Bum really hurt, but it was fascinating to breeze through the most scenic areas you could ever wish for... the amazing land, forest, city, sea and breeze. One stop was even through Forest Hills Cemetery - a haven for those who have passed on. Cycling through the endless mounds of gravestones, I was filled with a sense of sympathy and yet peace. It seemed like time came to a standstill.

I should mention the BRILLIANT Independence Day 2007 (4th of July) Fireworks @ Boston, the BEST I've seen so far in my life - with its full serving of 25 minutes! To the 1812 Overture, popular themes like Pirates of the Carribean, and even the song Boston (how fitting!) by Augustana, the Boston Pops Orchestra (among the world's BEST) carried us on a whirlwind of emotion and pride for our country ('cept that it WASN'T my country but it did feel like it - I mean, with at least 100,000 people around you cheering along as well, wouldn't you feel like them too?!) Do ask me for a video of the fireworks, complete with narration from yours truly, ME if you like. =)

You know, Boston (or rather Massachusetts), has one of the largest number of schools in the world in such a high concentration area. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard, Boston U, Suffolk U; the list is endless... giving birth to Boston's alias as a College City. There's practically at least one school within a mile or less from wherever you are. Not to mention, my all-time dream school: BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints* I've toured around it a few times already as well as got some merchandise, and my oh my, it's really a dream if I could get in! =X They have like so many ensemble and practice rooms, and studios, and performance centers, and, *faints again*

Next I should touch upon this CRAZY DINNER I had at a restaurant that is notorious for its avant garde concepts in customer service - Dick's Last Resort. All in the name of FUN. It's the way you get treated starting right from the time you are being seated - the menu's tossed to you. A waiter greets you rudely and gives you a time limit to place your orders. The waiter then takes your orders, only to have you find out later the drinks are self-service. While waiting for the food to come, a balloon is tied to your ponytail by an unsuspecting staff, or a tall paper hat is folded and put on your head. Markers are then used to write cynical and retarded statements on the hats or balloons, and everyone around you will be laughing at something you are unaware of. The rule is not to remove the balloon or hat from yourself till after the meal is completed. Meanwhile, crayons are given, and you can draw stuff on the long paper sheets laid out across the table; the very same paper that the waiter writes your orders on and tears off a part of! The food was overall filling and good; and it was one of the most HAPPY meals I've ever had. ROFLMAOXZER!

Of course, with all the fun and enjoyment of Boston, one has to pay the price as well; in my case, balancing our stressful project here with my school assignments back in Singapore. It's definitely a rush to get work done and on schedule every single day, and many a time, I'm left exhausted at the end of the day. I feel like I'm working myself OUT (mind the pun) - out of battery, that is.

Hmm maybe the Six Flags Theme Park (New England) tomorrow will wake me up (mind the pun again). They have dry and water rides, as well as the world's rated No. 1 roller coaster. I wonder...


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