Saturday, June 17

SP Musical Fever

Celebrating my 150th post!

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) presents: SuPerStar - The Pop Musical. The closing event for the President's Challenge 2006, Singapore Polytechnic is the first polytechnic in Singapore to hold a public-staged, large-scale musical. To be held at the NUS University Cultural Centre on 6 & 7 October 2006, all proceeds from ticket sales go to charity, in aid of the President's Challenge 2006. VIPs include President S R Nathan and the First Lady, Mdm Ho Ching, and other important government and ministry dignitaries.

ALAMAK! Got back from the SP Musical training camp yesterday... miss it so much!! :( A musical's not an easy feat to pull off, but with the passion of all those involved in the musical here, we're gonna' make it GREAT! Imagine training and pushing ourselves in the areas of singing, acting and dancing from morning to night for FIVE days! I lost a bit of sanity, nearly lost my voice, and completely lost my focus of mind on academic assignments (for once).

The portable keyboard used for training was a sucker of my attention; I spent the whole of the first night awake hooked on it like drugs, subsequently teaching a few songs to a few "students" as well. The final day of the musical camp culminated with a presentation to several of the polytechnic's Directors and lecturers, where we presented our Act 1 to the praise and support of our guests. Well, October's approaching and there's not much time left to prepare for the big show, but for us here as part of the cast of the SP Musical, we're looking forward to every moment of it! Long live the camaraderie!