Wednesday, November 3

October update

So it's been a fun-filled, exciting October... have been mostly occupied with school work (assignments, performances, tests and the like), but at least I'm doing what I enjoy! Here's a rundown of some key happenings...

3 Oct. Overnight study for exams with friends at my place... we ended up cam-whoring quite a bit!

15-16 Oct. My college, the International College of Music (ICOM) holds two Tribute Series Concerts to ABBA and Queen. Check out the trailer preview here!

18 Oct. Caught an early music concert, "The Galileo Project: Music of the Spheres", at the KLCC's concert hall... it was a tasteful visual-aural blend of sights and sounds as I was treated to soothing traditional/classical music along with projected images shot by the Hubble Space Telescope. May I add, the buffet dinner during the intermission was unexpected and sumptuous!

22 Oct. Finally, an evening of SPORTS - indoor badminton! I hadn't played any (officially) since I got here to study... here's a dazed photo shot over dinner at the nearby "pasar malam" (night market) after the game...

29 Oct. GENTING here we come (again)! It had been about a year and a half, and oh my, it was sure good to be up there almost 2km in the clouds again, enjoying the cool mist and fog just sweeping past my face. Although it was only several hours, it was a good de-stress and bonding opportunity with my friends (and their friends), as we made up real silly forfeits over games at Coffee Bean, embarrassing ourselves in public... definitely looking forward to being back up there again!

31 Oct. Marcel's surprise birthday celebration at Pasta Zenmai @ Mid-Valley MegaMall, KL!

This November's the final month of my semester before school closes... so exams and assignments clamour for my time and attention! Take care everyone! Ciao~