Sunday, May 30

The BIG Day

~yelps~ It's the BIG day tomorrow, wonder how I'll do... I scored a B3 for my mid-year exam but I wonder how tough tomorrow's paper will be. Failing tomorrow's paper means resitting for the MT 'O's at the end of the year. Argh! Didn't study much today; slept for a few hours ("knocked out") and slacked at my computer for the rest. It's not much use studying anyway - there are TONS - and I literally mean TONS of words/phrases to study (thousands of them, from Sec 1 right up to Sec 4)... if you haven't been paying much attention in lessons for the past few years, you're as good as a fried spring chicken. I believe it's more of foundation (from young) that matters... if you don't have "it", you DON'T. It's not a case of whether you want to or not. The fact is, different people are inclined towards different areas - some are better academically, while the rest are more technically-inclined. You are unique. You have your own personality, your own character, your own strengths, your own shortcomings. As for myself, yes - I am not so academically-inclined - so I have to accept that life's just the way it is...

Saturday, May 29

OoOoOoOoOoOoh LaLa! Here's a D-I-Y pic I made myself for who else but a boy who's head over heels in love with her? Haha... just kidding! This is just an "irritating pic"!

Friday, May 28

Tremendously HORRIBLE results

Argh... as expected... I'm among the last 5 positions in class. Worse yet, the bottom half of the Sec 4 Express cohort. Failed 2 subjects (F9s): A Maths & Combined Humanities. Didn't do too well for the rest either... damn. Obviously too busy with other commitments (or so says everyone); that's why my studies are so bad. Mom says I should get tuition but I doubt I have time for any, and whether I will improve much academically is another question. I'll just go along being quite good in languages and terribly bad in Maths & Sciences (especially Maths now!). It's been the same since primary school. My maths and science are only slightly poorer now. The inclination is just not there. I would have taken Music as an 'O' Level subject... but I thought that my school didn't have it until... well, recently. But it's too late now... damnit! Well I guess I shouldn't be posting too often now... MT 'O's in less than 3 days!

Thursday, May 27

An unexpected turn at the 3rd Inter UG Drill Competition!

The NPCC won the Drill Competition this year, making an astounding leap to the forefront status of the Uniform Groups! Overtaking the Boys' Brigade which won the competition last year, NPCC also featured the BEST Parade Commander! It was a time of rejoicing for the Girls' Brigade as well, which came in as the 1st runner-up. As for the SJAB & BB, much improvement will have to be made in order to climb up in position for next year's competition. All the Uniformed Groups did well, however, and the judges definitely had a hard time choosing the winner. Being in the organising committee, I have only this phrase to say: "Train hard and claim glory for your CCA next year!"

Wednesday, May 26

a BLOG or a PERSONAL website?

I've been getting feedback that my blog looks more like a personal website... well, of course I'd like to make my blog less wordy and have more photos so that it's more appealing... but well I guess a blog is still a blog... so I'll be posting more entries as and when I'm free... check back soon!

Tuesday, May 25

4A~raWkZ - A photo that shows the 4A class spirit!

FLAG DAY: That's me and two of my classmates sticking our tongues out for the camera!

Combined Humanities FAILED!

Argh! I got 16/50 for SS! And I failed Geography! That means I flopped my Combined Humanities! Eeeks... I think my L1B4 is 20 points exactly... not sure. I don't wanna stay back for the 3-day remedial with Mrs Sng! Argh!

S.H.E. is in town! Well, of course not the real pop group but the version my class offers: Samuel.HienYong.Eugene! The girls in my class are just bowled over by their eclectic pose!

My classmates and I at the canteen, about a week before the MT 'O' Levels... still appearing to be calm and carefree!

Monday, May 24

Exam results out!

As expected, my maths & sciences did not fare too well again! And as always, my languages can't save me. Well who's to blame except myself for refusing external tuition... maybe that's why I haven't reached my full potential yet. Well here's the results: English: A2 MT: B3 E Maths: C5 A Maths: F9 Pure Phy: C6 Comb Chem/Bio: B4 Geog: D7 SS: not known yet (hope I pass!) Well, I guess I'll just give myself a few days to wallow in self-pity (or as Mrs Gan puts it)... XD j/k

Sunday, May 23


No, not the magazine... 8 days more to the MT 'O' Levels when I posted this blog. Feelin' stressed (yeah, obviously). So much to learn, never enough time for anything... I guess that's human nature - we do what we like first, and leave the rest (sometimes higher-priority things) for later. Well, it's quite late at night now... guess I had better go study or sleep... tata!

Troy RaWkZ! Stunning visual effects, graphics & a wonderful soundtrack add on to the splendour of this battle of epic proportions! Go watch the movie if you haven't seen it!

FLAG DAY: My classmate and I having a photo taken indoors during a break while we waited for the rain outside to stop.

FLAG DAY: The donation bag of the Diabetic Society of Singapore

FLAG DAY: Kind Singaporeans who donate right from their hearts are rarely found nowadays - seen here is a parent donating generously to a student in aid of the Diabetic Society of Singapore.

Saturday, May 22

Flag Day - aching legs, stingy Singaporeans, overpopulation, WRONG TIMING!

A seemingly ordinary flag day in aid of the Diabetic Society of Singapore (DSS) turned out to be a horrendous one. From around 8.30am, a few classes of students had already gathered around Cafe Cartel in Plaza Singapura waiting to receive their donation materials. Hours later... I (including others as well) experienced aching legs and tired joints. What's more, the general psychology of Singaporeans - being stingy - was proven to not be merely just a hypothesis but in actual fact - a FACT. Though faced with strong opposition and rejection, the students still had to persevere on... battling rude passers-by and even the mid-morning showers (of blessing perhaps?). Whatever the case, the main problem could be overpopulation - not only was there more than one school participating in a confined area, but the number of students involved per school really clogged up the Dhoby Ghaut, City Hall and Orchard areas like a choked sink. The situation worsened around noon when human traffic peaked especially at Orchard Road. The BIGGEST remark made, however, was the WRONG TIMING of the Flag Day, less than 10 days away from the Mother Tongue Written GCE 'O' Levels! What a time for rendering service to a community that needs help FOREVER! I personally feel that we should be allowed time to study, or at least revise our work before the day comes. Haiz... everything has a time of its own... perhaps it's not time for this CIP Programme now. Nevertheless, it was still a time of fun, laughter, peace & joy.

Friday, May 21

N.i.w.d.e. H.o.t. - 1st time EXPOSED

My very first blog - yeah... started my own blog to see how interesting it would be to have an "online home". Been looking around at other people's blogs and have been considering what I should put into my own one... and there you have it, my very own blog - this is where my exposure all begins...