Sunday, December 18

Mocca Perks Cruise Ambassador 2011

It was a usual schooling day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I noticed that a contest was being held to find a "Cruise Ambassador" to go on an (almost-fully sponsored) 8D7N Jewels of the Far East cruise for two on the Costa Classica, and cover it "live" with daily updates on Facebook about my experiences! I jumped at the opportunity; this sounded really cool!

As they were searching for the most creative and original answer to what I would do as a Cruise Ambassador, I took some time to craft the following: "As a youthful, 23-year-old mocca perks Cruise Ambassador, I will bring forth the vibrant exuberance of the 8D7N experience of the Costa Classica onto Facebook through live status updates and a daily montage video (highlights of activities) uploaded on Facebook. To include an element of surprise, I will incorporate creative themes like "10 Things You Didn't Know About Cruises" (facts, figures, places), "10 Cruise Crew You Didn't Know Existed" (crew interviews), "10 Delectable Dishes To Try" (for the foodies), and "Top 10 Nautical Escapades" (must-try activities onboard). I believe that the following strengths give me an added advantage as a Cruise Ambassador: 1) my travels around the world (and the region) recorded online on my personal blog; 2) my technical aptitude towards media (background in graphic and video editing); 3) excellent command of the English language with extensive vocabulary knowledge; and 4) frequent user of social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). As a musician in practice, I will bring fresh insights into cruise activities from a creative perspective, connecting effectively and emotionally with both the young and the young at heart." I had a good feeling that this was a decent answer and I stood a good chance of winning, and sure enough, I soon received a call from my Mom in Singapore that Mediacorp (Mocca Perks' parent company) had informed her that I had won!

The following is a recollection of my daily updates as featured on the Mocca Perks website during the period of my 8D7N Jewels of the Far East cruise to Kuantan, Bangkok & Koh Samui (9-16 December 2011), along with selected photos (more photos and videos can be found on my Facebook profile):