Wednesday, October 27

Final few days...

Not going to be blogging for about a month now... exams Exams EXAMS! Chinese Paper's up first... I'd better get a grade that's higher than my previous B4... next is SS... hope I can at least pass decently (I failed Combined Humanities by 2 marks). Then English, then E Math, then A Math. Should've dropped A Math right from the start - waste of my efforts... just no good at Maths then still have to take A Math. Would've gone for the Qualifying Test if I had scored 1 mark less (failed) last year! This year my A Math grade has been constantly around F9... 20+ sometimes. Horrible. Anyway, better don't spend so much time typing all this crap now... have to go study (last revision of whatever there's left to revise - some of my basics especially are not very grounded yet)!

Sunday, October 24

City Harvest Church (Singapore)'s Celebration by the Bay: Join us for an enriching time of praise, worship, fellowship & the Word at our fun-filled carnival - 13 Nov 04 (Sat) @ 7.30pm or 14 Nov 2004 (Sun) 10am. Click on the above image for more details.

Thursday, October 21

Argh... why now?

Argh... why must all the important 'O' Level exams take place now... during this intense period of hilariously funny movies and all the exhilarating events? Get it over and done with, get it over and done with. Wish to just get this *freaking* exam burden off my shoulder (and my head)! Soon, soon... about a month more. Guess I just got to push my limits a little bit more... at least for this period of time... ARGH!

Wednesday, October 13

Countdown 'O': About half a month left...

The 'N' Levels ended not too long ago... argh! Becoming increasingly daunted by the coming 'O's... but must relax a bit also... not too much. So far finished revising E Math, Geography, Biology and Social Studies... but I really need to brush up on E Math and Social Studies... haiz. Still got Chinese which I'm retaking, but I'm not really focusing on it... already got a B4. I'd be lucky even to get a B3. Haha the normal, slightly "pessimicstic" me. Anyway, I'd better go study now... ~ciao

Friday, October 8

Last minute effort

L1R5: 30! L1R4: 18! Shucks... I can't really go anywhere... even Polytechnic... don't talk about the first 3 months JC experience. Not even a single distinction at all! Highest was B4... for 4 subjects... then came 2 D7s... almost passed! And of course, A Maths with F9. I am going for "crash tuition" for E Maths & A Maths now... maybe Physics too but not sure yet... but still gotta make time for revision in other subjects... revising Social Studies now... already completed Geography, Biology and E Math rather quickly. Gosh - less than 1 month left... won't be blogging so much... till after November 23 when all my papers are over...

Saturday, October 2

40 Days of Purpose - The Purpose Driven Life

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• Noah’s life was transformed by 40 days of rain.

• Moses’ life was transformed by 40 days on Mount Sinai.

• The spies were transformed by 40 days of viewing the Promised Land.

• David's life was transformed by Goliath's 40 days of challenging Israel.

• Elijah was transformed when his strength lasted 40 days on a supernatural meal God provided.

• The entire city of Nineveh was transformed when God gave them 40 days to change.

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• The disciples were transformed when Jesus spent 40 days with them after His resurrection.

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