Sunday, April 4

2010 Recap (Jan-Mar)

Jan 1. So I woke up at 11.30am to a brand new year, after having counted down at Marina Bay the night before (as usual). Met up with my TICE eco-camp mates for a steamboat at Bugis in the evening. I managed to get a few cups of lime juice free (apparently, it wasn't free flow but sold by jug) - I was honestly unaware and thought it was self-service at the counter! It was hilarious as we tried to sneak our drink cans to other tables to try avoiding payment (just for fun to see if it could work); but the sharp-eyed Chinese waitresses saw through our tricks - TWICE. ROFLMAO. The outing was followed by Wii games and booze at Kelly's to end off the night. It's amazing how we're still a close-knit group, since the eco-camp ended in May 2008!

Jan 15. Cabbed with my keyboard and Misty down to Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East) for Nicholas Yong's 21st birthday celebrations! Spent the night socializing and jamming with my very talented musician friends... here's a sample; do visit my YouTube for many more videos!

Jan 22. Caught the Anthony Drewe and George Stiles' musical, "Just So", at Victoria Theatre, in a hilarious local adaptation by students from the Singapore Management University (SMU). Was inspired by the passionate performers and the marvellous music - thanks for the invitation Jimmy!

Jan 31. Brandon's farewell party - best wishes to him as he pursues his Arts Management degree in Australia!

Feb 6. Alumni and current students of my Diploma in Music & Audio Technology gathered back in Singapore Polytechnic tonight for a long-awaited reunion. Games, music performances, and a sumptuous buffet dinner spread added to the upbeat atmosphere of the night. Reminiscence - I really miss my polytechnic life, but it's time to move on... here's "Umbrella", brought to you by some of my former classmates and I:

Feb 8. Representatives from my camp unit visited our adopted Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens to bring Chinese New Year cheer. This video features three classic/popular Chinese numbers, "月亮代表我的心" (The Moon Represents My Heart), "老鼠爱大米" (Mouse Loves Rice), and "细水长流" (meaning: "Economize To Avoid Running Short).

Feb 12. As part of my camp unit's anniversary, we caught the movie "Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief" at Eng Wah Cinemas (Suntec City), then had an 8-course lunch and "lo-hei" to celebrate Chinese New Year at Pioneer Spring Restaurant @ SAFRA Mount Faber. It was my lucky day... I also won $50 of vouchers (valid at Robinsons/John Little/Marks & Spencer)!

Feb 18. 22nd birthday! Flooded with wishes through SMS, calls, and FaceBook - thanks everyone! Had dinner with Wendy and Ning at House @ Dempsey Hill - excellent ambience and irresistible desserts! =D

Feb 19. Supported Stubborn Stain Productions' latest short film "Means To An End" at LaSalle, at the invitation of indie film-making stars/polytechnic schoolmates Syed, Amir, and Ajay. Thereafter, headed to Timbre@Substation to celebrate Susanna's birthday - along with catching talented musician/former diploma classmate Bani Hidir performing with 53A!

Feb 21. Buffet treat by my beloved Child's Play J-pop band members Woon Han, Benji, Hui Ming, and Haze @ Daidomon Japanese restaurant at United Square, Novena. One of the more tantalizing dishes we had that night was ox tongue - chewy, rubbery, weird (a tongue tasting another tongue)!

Feb 25. Caught the NOISE Singapore 2010 Festival Showcase exhibition of artwork/photography/etc. at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Kids are getting naughtier but more talented too these days...

Feb 26-28 The sequel to 2009's smashing 21st birthday celebrations; albeit on a smaller scale. Like the previous year, I had friends from different social circles pop by over the three crazy/wild nights...

Mar 6. Dinner with Wendy at Donato's, a cosy authentic Italian cafe @ Ghim Moh (Buona Vista). Thereafter, headed for the NUS Arts Fest opening play, "wo(men)" at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) Theatre. Emotional as it was, I felt that it was a tad too draggy; sitting with our necks craned from the Circle seats at the highest level also kept us at the edge of our seats. Still, thanks Christine for the tickets!

Mar 19. Went for ExpressInMusic's regular meet-up of singers/songwriters/musicians at (70A Bussorah Street). Yet another networking opportunity.

Mar 20. Attended "Render", a graduation showcase of works by the students of the Diploma in Music & Audio Technology (DMAT) and Diploma in Digital Media at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. I must say that the graduating batch of DMAT students excel especially when it comes to performance - they delivered their original songs on stage with much zest and professionalism! Later that night, the lecturers, students, alumni (3 of us) and I checked out Jimmy's newly-opened bar, "La Salsa", at Block 11, Dempsey Hill, where we were pampered and spoilt for choice with a vast array of Mexican cuisine and margueritas... thank you for your hospitality Jimmy! Mar 25-26. Flew over to International College of Music in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a chance at Berklee College of Music's World Scholarship Tour. I also attended the enlightening music clinics conducted by Berklee faculty Fernando Huergo (Associate Professor, Bass Department) and George Russell (Associate Professor of Harmony) on improvisation and ensemble playing, followed by a concert put up by their talented (and young - of JC/polytechnic-equivalent age in Singapore) students. Some takeaways for musicians: Take risks and play as if it was your last performance! | "If it ain't got GROOVE, it ain't a do-do!"