Friday, July 29

Urban Escape

Hours ago I just returned from that wonderful retreat Aloha Loyang. Couldn't help thinking that sometimes when there's so much stress around me - it would be pure relaxation (but wishful thinking) to enjoy the serenity of the weather and scenery on a bench near the beach.

Fine - so I did get really MAD last week but it was because I was feeling super stressed out - don't mind my vent of anger on my blog. Anyway, I'm better now with the end of the SP Graduation 2005 performance. The DMAT Chalet/BBQ (27-29 July 2005)contributed positively as well - we had "high" fits of laughter through games like Twister & Game Of Life. My friends had not seen me so happy/"high" before - all that laughter definitely removed the stresses and worries in my mind for the time being. Sure, it was ordinary, but I saw it as a break for us who have sacrificed much of our leisure time towards assignments and performance rehearsals. I mean, even machines gotta' rest at one point, what more us humans. So yup, it was thanks to the chalet in granting us a temporary hiatus from school work.

All good things will come to an end - and so did the chalet. I only had a few hours of sleep throughout the two nights - so obviously I am already about to fall asleep on my keyboard as I'm typing this out. I'll cut it short then.

Next week's Term 2 Week 10. The pressure will pile on... press on Mutts!

Saturday, July 16

It all went wrong.

Haven't blogged for almost a month. Busy with music rehearsals almost every day. Fewer and fewer hours of sleep and getting home as late as past midnight on certain days. All because of various upcoming performances at SP's Graduation 2005 (27 July) and SP's end of 50th Anniversary celebration carnival (August). Then there's our performances during lunchtime in the school's food courts and our end-of-year Concert. It all sounds nice and enticing but when even when you enjoy pasttime to the fullest - sooner or later you'll get worn out. That's what I am now. Hardly one term into the first year.

I am freaking fed-up with the "unserious" attitude of some people in class. Can't you all just get serious for once over rehearsing for the coming Graduation performance at least! Yeah most of the VIPs are gonna appreciate our sideline performances but there's bound to be a few incorrigible spoilt bast*rds (like Mrs Goh Chok Tong - which I'll come to later) who will complain (even if it's not shown outwardly but in their minds) about how sucky a standard we are - when they don't Do from Re or can play any damn note on the piano. Hello?! - how much can you expect from some 1st year students who have not even completed ONE TERM of studies in school. Damn it - in advance - to the spoilt VIPs in particular. And as for the unserious people in class - won't you all just settle down and concentrate on rehearsals and go for fun AFTER the rehearsals... instead of just thinking of having fun all the time! There's a time for work and a time for play - NEVER mix the both OK?! Don't listen never mind - continue to slack some more - but don't influence the rest in a bad way!

Enough about internal class issues. But not about the greatest two incorrigible, spoilt, ought-to-be-hanged, damned, selfish, oh-my-freaking-whatever-the word brats in Singapore - Mr TT Durai and Mrs Goh Chok Tong.

For those non-Singaporeans in the dark about the NKF Scandal issue... here's a little enlightenment:

The CEO of the National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKFS), T.T. Durai, has breached the trust of the people of Singapore and all others who donate to him. He has drawn a total salary of about S$1.8 million over the last 3 years, which averages out to S$600,000 per year and this money comes from the donations of people, many of whom do not even earn that amount in 5 or even 10 years. In addition, he has been less than truthful with the public, lying time and again in court before withdrawing his statements. The NKF has also played games to keep the truth from the public, with chairman Richard Yong telling the public that senior executives fly business class for long-haul flights. However, Durai told the court that he indeed flew first-class. Singapore's National Kidney Foundation (NKF) CEO TT Durai sued media company Singapore Press Holdings and one of its reporters for defamation. But two days into the court proceedings, Mr Durai withdrew his suits. Revelations in court became the talk of the town and the NKF came under public scrutiny. Thousands of Singaporeans withdrew their monthy contribution to the organisation and thousands others signed an online petition calling for Mr Durai to step down. On Thursday, July 14, the NKF board and its CEO Mr Durai announced their resignation. To ensure continuous operation of NKF's various dialysis centres, the Government will appoint an interim Board. It will also work towards forming a new Board, appointing a new CEO, reviewing accounting practices, funding needs, and pricing and subsidy policies of the foundation.

Basically, the NKF is a cheater of public funds! Mr Durai had 8 cars at his disposal (I don't know for what damn reason) and gold-plated taps in his office as well. Five caring benefactors – The Shaw Foundation, the late Mr Tay Choon Hye, Singapore Pools, Lee Foundation and Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services - donated $21 million for the entire cost to build the NKFS Centre. FOOLISH DECISION. Mr Durai is one guy who - worse than the worst murderer - was is a Hitler who ought to be hanged for betraying the trust of so many Jews (Singaporeans).

Now for the equivalently-responsible MRS GOH CHOK TONG. She has been brought up a spoilt lady as patron of NKF. What with her words that Mr Durai's salary of $600,000 a year was PEANUTS and that what a trivial issue it was to make a fuss over. MR GOH CHOK TONG OUGHT TO DIVORCE HIS WIFE! Spoilt bread - spoilt woman - peanuts it is to you but RICHES they are to the 95% or so of Singaporeans who are poorer than you... struggling to make a living day by day. And you with your totally SPOILT PERSONALITY - still DARE MAKE SUCH COMMENTS!! You're damn too much and I'm sure many Singaporeans wouldn't give a DAMN at your funeral!!! That's the damn problem - that most people who are brought up rich are spoilt - and they just go on torturing helpless, poverty-stricken mortals at their merciless command.

Sick and tired of the long hours spent in school every day. For 3 more years - at least. To DMAT peeps: I don't want to name you out but if you are a culprit of the above stuff I mentioned - please STOP harrassing those of us who want to concentrate on our studies/rehearsals. Meanwhile, enough for this post... got to do my assignments now.